In the first post on this blog, I explained the genesis of this project:

A couple of months back, Jason Fritz said this on Twitter:

To which Adam Elkus replied:

This led to a brief conversation among me, Jason, and Adam about the dearth of good strategic training tools for the playground set (however strong their tactical skills might be, and it sounds like the younger Mr. Fritz’s are pretty solid), and concluded with an agreement that a children’s book version of Clausewitz would be awesome.

To read more about my motivations for actually taking this project on, you can read that post.

Reach me at twitter.com/caidid, or at clausewitzforkids@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Caidid:

    You’ve sold me. A friend referred me to this site, and I do not use twitter, so I apologize for not knowing you. However, I think this an excellent project, and honestly, I already want to buy the book to give to my young son and read to him every night.

    I have worked as an intelligence analyst in the private sector and I have a degree in Strategy. (Technically, Master of Statecraft and National Security Affairs with a Specialization in Intelligence, but it amounts to the same thing.) In any case, I would love to contribute as much as I possibly can. Please get in touch if you feel there is anything I can do, and I will monitor the site and comment or write on whatever I can.

    I apologize if I seem presumptuous. I am just really excited.

  2. I’m wrapping up a grad degree in International History and Diplomacy. My advisor wrote a book titled, “Decoding Clausewitz”. I can’t wait to see his reaction to your site. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello. I came across to this site from Clausewitz.com while researching to do a presentation in my IR class and all I can say is this project is fantastic. Reading the first parts so far has been somewhat enlightening, since On War is no easy to read, not to mention I could picture myself reading this book to my kid (if there was one).

    Best of luck and I wish you all the best with your work. Greetings from Brazil!

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