First Illustrations for Book Two

This is just a little start on the illustrations for Book Two.


Guten Morgen, class. This week, we will be talking about the theory of war. We will be talking about how we define and classify the art of war and the science of war, and how we develop and study and analyze the theory of war. You must please listen very carefully to be sure that you understand. Some of this is quite hard to explain.

War is fighting. However much the methods of doing so might change, that fact remains. The art of war is the conduct of war – Yes, Otter?

-My father said my conduct grade on my report card would be better if I would stop asking so many questions all the time.

Ah. Well, that is a slightly different, er, that is to say…Conduct is behavior, in a way. It is from the Latin conducere, meaning to bring together. The grade on your report card is referring to the way you comport yourself, or bring yourself together, in a sense. What I am talking about is bringing together the elements needed for war, and carrying them out. Does anyone have any ideas what this might include? What might you need? … Yes, Mouse?

– Your fighting forces.

2 thoughts on “First Illustrations for Book Two

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  2. I think that riding unicorns into battle is a brilliant idea, and I don’t know why none of our so-called military ‘strategists’ have come up with this before. They combine the unpredictable lunacy of tween girls – surely one of the most terrifying forces known to man – with fuck-off sharp pointy horns. The mighty will tremble.

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