Introduction, in Which We Meet the War Tutor

Ich heiße Carl, aber für Sie mein Name ist Herr Clausewitz.

I am Carl, but you will call me Hare Clausewitz.

I will be teaching you about war.

I will not waste time on trifles.

I will not teach you how to shoot your gun.

I will not teach you what tactics to use.

I will not tell you why you go to war, or what to do once the war is done.

There are many who can teach you these things.

What I will teach you, many people cannot teach you.

I will teach you about strategy.

I will teach you what war is for, and what it takes to achieve your end.

I will teach you about vision, about what is important in war, and what is not.

It is likely that none of you will understand me, let alone be that rare creature who can be a great leader of war, but I will do my best to teach you what I know.

7 thoughts on “Introduction, in Which We Meet the War Tutor

  1. Great start. Maybe one of the students should be the Crown Prince? Be sure to read Clausewitz’s “Principles of War” as well as _On War_, if you haven’t already.

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  3. Clausewitz as a children’s book?
    Ever-curious, I took a look.

    Ball-point animals & strategy:
    How Tuesday is now filled with glee.

    Commenting only to commence “following”.

    Love it!

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